Maria Lewis

Maria Lewis speaks with the intensity of someone running out of time.

Her rapid fire chatter blending murder, Disney, sexism and serial killers within a single breath.

It’s an explosion of ideas camouflaged as conversation, occasionally repeating what she’s already said. Suggesting either she thinks I haven’t been listening, or doesn’t have time to hear herself.

An hour’s interview feels like an effortless two, with a whirlwind of topics left circling above us still to be discussed.

You see that’s Maria Lewis’ storytelling gift right there. I’m left wanting to know more…  More about her books, herself and the women, monsters and killers of her past whom seem to fuel her stories.

Leaping into bestseller success with her debut novel ‘Who’s Afraid’, Maria Lewis has something to say about the representation of women and violence in fiction; of pouring yourself into a book; the uncertainty of refusing a pseudonym; and how murder in real life fills the page.

I spoke with Maria earlier this year on the cusp of the launch of her sequel ‘Who’s Afraid Too’, the second in a five book series. And much like the werewolf packs of her urban fantasy series, I will devour them all.

Maria Lewis. Uncompromising, unapologetic, small, sharp, funny, and riddled with pop culture.

Thankfully, she isn’t pausing for anyone.

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