Tony Park

Tony Park is plotting to kill me. And I’ve just bought him lunch.

To be honest, it feels a little rude.

“Someone has to die, and I think it’s you,” he says, carelessly waving away my protests.

Such is the curse of becoming a bit-player in the international bestselling author’s burgeoning series of action adventure novels set across the continent of Africa.

Featuring a menagerie of battered heroes, female assassins, poachers, tyrants and trysts, with just enough social and cultural conscience thrown in, Tony has earned the moniker of Australia’s answer to Wilbur Smith.

Now biding his time sharing the summers of Australia and Africa, the former Press Secretary and PR flack writes from his adopted home on the edges of the Kruger National Game Park. Its bestial majesty ever encroaching upon his yard, with elephants on the patio and a leopard down the road.

With 13 novels to date, each garnering ever greater success and critical acclaim year-on-year, I’m somewhat disappointed to learn (Spoiler ahead) my untimely fictional death hasn’t affected sales.

Tony Park’s story is one of ambition, exploration and seemingly endless passion for a continent in constant flux.

Lions also tried to eat him… So there’s that too.


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